Monitoring and Improvement

An undeniably important aspect of any business is how it seeks improvement and, more importantly, what it does to maintain this improvement. Educating the staff, gaining more customers, improving product quality, and gaining more profits are some of the most important goals of almost any business. There are various ways that you, as a business owner, can try to reach your desired goals, but there is no guarantee that you will always maintain what you have achieved through hard work. To make sure that you will always move forward, it is essential to constantly manage and monitor the systems in your company.

In doing so, you will also get to find out where there is a chance/need for better performance. In this article, we will discuss the main areas of businesses that need constant monitoring and improvement.

IntegPro offers professional monitoring and improvement plans for implementation and enhanced maintenance of following management systems:

Quality management system

A quality management system (QMS) is concerned with all the actions that aim at achieving quality goals in a company. The main focus of a quality management system is to make a balance between customer expectations and company policies. To successfully implement a QMS, you need to obtain an ISO certificate as required by ISO 9001. Now, you should realise that successfully implementing a QMS requires meeting certain requirements which IntegPro can help you achieve. Also, after these requirements are met, there should be constant monitoring of the system that IntegPro is best at.  

Safety management system

Ensuring the safety of your workers/employees is always a must. An insecure work environment never lets the employees focus on what they’re doing. Therefore, implementing a safety management system in your company seems like a must. There are ISO certificates like ISO 45001 that you can get to ensure your workers’ safety. To get such certificates, it is essential that you go through several steps such as setting safety policies and objectives, running an incident analysis, staff training, etc.

IntegPro can help you run a thorough safety analysis of your work environment and improve the situation so that you qualify for the intended safety standard. But we do not stop there. Maintaining the safety standards of your workplace is somewhat more difficult than getting a safety certificate.  Our team of professionals will run regular safety assessments of your workplace to ensure that your standards are up to par.  

Environmental management system

The majority of businesses have a certain level of environmental impacts. Yet, these impacts must be controlled and minimised in a proper manner. In doing so many companies are demanded to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS). This requires careful planning and implementation by a group of experts who can assess the level of your company’s environmental effects and come up with the best plan suited for your company. IntegPro experts can run a thorough on-site assessment of the environmental effects your company is making and monitor your EMS to make sure that everything is in order.

Integrated management system

An Integrated Management System (IMS) takes various management systems such as those described above and merges them into one single inclusive management system. The idea behind an IMS is to reduce costs, improve the company’s overall performance, and generate consistency. IntegPro can implement the best IMS in your company and help you with improving it as well.

To sum up, Managing a company is a demanding endeavour that needs a lot of planning and preparation. To make sure that you can survive the tense market competition and make some space for your business, you must improve your standards and then do whatever it takes to maintain those standards the way they are. In this article, we explained four management systems that greatly contribute to business success. If you own a business and want to implement any of these management systems, contact IntegPro and learn how you can go about obtaining your intended management system.